1. You must be a fan of vs.hive. Or willing to lie about your fandom.*
  2. You do not need to have a website.
  3. But if you do, link back to Swarm with either a text link or one of the graphics/codes provided.
  4. Please remember to fill out the join form completely with a (nick)name, a working email address, and your country.
  5. As per the official fanlisting rules, I have to accept all fans. I do not, however, have to link to your web site. If I dislike your site for any reason, I will list you but omit your site address.
  6. No direct linking of code images.

If everything is groovy with you, hop on over to the codes section and get one, then join the list!

* Hey, whatever floats your boat is really none of my affair. Besides, lying about it makes you a fan in some twisted sense.

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