Welcome to swarm: the vs.hive fanlisting, created to honor vs.hive, the awesome PHP/MySQL based fanlisting, webring and clique management script authored by Alis Dee. Guess what I'm using to power this fanlisting? What else — vs.hive!

About vs.hive

What sets vs.hive apart from other fanlisting-related scripts are the numerous options it offers. In addition to managing fanlistings, vs.hive can handle webrings and cliques. Furthermore, there are two versions of vs.hive available: the 'single site' version, which I am using to run this fanlisting, and the 'multi site' version, which can be used to power an entire collective.

You might suspect that all of these features make for a bloated, hard-to-customize PHP script. On the contrary: vs.hive is lightweight, easy to install and configure, and customization is a snap.

Looking for more info? Visit the official vs.hive page on Dee's script distribution site, sk.ODE.

Fanlisting Details

This fanlisting is approved by thefanlistings.org and is listed under Computer Miscellany and Internet > Scripts.

swarm: the vs.hive fanlisting is part of the echoverse & thefanlistings.org and is proudly powered by vs.hive v1.2.1