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While I was in the midst of that inexplicable excruciating pain, my sister (aka The Queen) took on the "case." She does that. It usually involves a lot of research of a legal or medical nature.

She's just trying to solve problems in this instance, mine. I poke fun at her for these actions but I have to admit 99% of the time she's correct in her diagnosis. Or with her legal advice. Or other information. Whatever. When it's health-related, I call her Dr. Loftus. (She has several AKAs.)

Her findings are often of the worst-case-scenario variety, though. Not the sort of stuff you want to hear while you're in mystery pain. She diagnosed my Fibromyalgia before any doctor did.
By the way, I didn't mention her "findings" to a doctor before I was actually diagnosed with FMS.

99% success rate, people!

Anyway, like me, she found the nothing is wrong in your mouth non-diagnosis suspect. So she went further into research mode.

Based on the nature and location of the pain, TRIGEMINAL NEURALGIA is what she came up with. This shit used to be called Suicide Disease!

That didn't freak me the fuck out at all...

So, I take this news in stride, because, like I said, worst case scenario. And 1%.

On the 9th, I went to my internist (let's call him Dr. Wolf) as scheduled. I was the first patient who put on rubber gloves during a visit with him! (Why? I had to pull my mouth open to show him where I had a sore and the various other points in my mouth that hurt and I had been reading magazines while waiting. Germs!)

After we both removed our gloves & threw them away, he said it could be one of three things: A sinus infection, TRIGEMINAL FUCKING NEURALGIA, or from the Saphris.
He was facing away from me when he said TN so he missed my jaw dropping. For some reason I pretended I didn't know what it was and asked for further information. He left out the suicide part. He knows I'm anxiety-ridden as it is and I'm sure he didn't want to unnecessarily upset me.

At this point, the exam was done and I was about to leave, but my mother had barged past clerical & medical staff to join me in the room. There were reasons. She questioned Dr. Wolf about my pain & the mystery surrounding it. She then unwittingly blew my cover about not knowing what TN is by saying something to the effect of "That's what Dr. Loftus said!"

I blurted out that I didn't know why I'd just pretended to not know what TN was. That's the truth.

Dr. Wolf repeated what my treatment plan was: antibiotics for the possible sinus infection and some cream to put on the sore in my mouth. He said if this pain continues despite the medicine, I'd have to discuss the Saphris with my psychiatrist, but no matter what he wanted to see me in 2 weeks. Y'know, just in case I have TRIGEMINAL FUCKING NEURALGIA!

Please let this be one of the 1% cases. I have enough problems mental and physical. I was suicidal in the past and overcame it (though it'll always be a struggle) and I've already got FMS. I can't handle SUICIDE FACE PAIN!

Which brings me to the good news. I've been taking the antibiotics for six days and the pain has gone away. THE PAIN IS GONE!
I'm still not out of the woods, though. TN can go into remission for months or even years.

Always look on the bright side of life, right?

Sunday September 14 2014: it echoes to this day...

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