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6-06-2006 - 10:53am (merged)


Uh, oh - it's a math type thing! Maths are not my strong point. Strange equations, sure, but not necessarily mathematic equations...

So I Googled this fun bit of mathy madness and found the following:

I am the wrong person to turn to when looking to solve "Infinite Series and Taylor and Fourier Expansions" mysteries ;)

But hell (ha ha), at least I got a question on 6/6/06!

4-04-2005 - 18:14pm (merged)

Why were the boards gone for a month?

Because your hostess can be absent-minded and had no idea they were down. Technically they were probably still up, but just accessible from, rather than the subdomain. My fault for not noticing - BAD ECHO!!!!

11-03-2005 - 19:09pm (merged)

In the Radiohead video for "Just" what does the man on the ground say at the end?

I wish I knew. And I also wish not to know. I'm torn ;) I may have previously researched this on the Internet, but obviously I didn't get good results or I'd remember. I think part of the appeal is that the viewer doesn't know what the man says. Irksome, yes, but it's been a decade and people are still asking! Maybe we can get a lip-reader on it? Hmmm... I'd love to be able to tell you what he says, but I just don't know. If you find out, will you tell me (please)?

1-03-2005 - 9:30am (merged)


Because it's 6:42 AM. Because I am beyond me. The procrastination needs to be undone, therefore you are here. Why? To prompt.

24-02-2005 - 11:26am (merged)

How many cups of sugar does it take to get to the moon?

As an advisor, I must consider this seemingly nonsense question carefully.
I wouldn't want anyone to get the wrong idea.
Being somewhat mathematically fit, calculations have been made. Here is the resulting equation (note, you must solve for "" first):
y=x+14q ≠ 2n1-sqr(x+4)∂acataphasia ≈ "It's It!"bcn∞ = ∫ ex=1+x/1!+x2/2!≡+x3/3!+x4/4!+Life's Too Good∏241080N_n = 4^n L_n = ({{1\over 2}})^n= ∑ resulting in:

12 cups of interstellar sugar.

P.S. A Google search revealed this question is listed on: "Ways to Scare a Random Person"
I don't know about you, but I certainly wouldn't be scared.

21-02-2005 - 2:51am (merged)

Is the 'ask me ask me ask me' header a reference to The Smiths?

It certainly is, my friend. Although I know I'm answering myself. This is here instead of a regular 'is this thing on?' test.

Available on several different albums, Ask by The Smiths contains the lyrics "ask me ask me ask me".
Completely on theme for this section.

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